All of the children at Wyke enjoyed a European Day just before half term.

They came to school dressed in their holiday clothes and began the day by preparing for their flight in the hall.  They all listened to the safety information before taking their passport to their first destination!


Throughout the day the children visited three of the different countries, including Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Holland, Iceland and Switzerland.


They did a range of different activities in each country they visited, such as food tasting, art, learning some of the language and different traditions related to that country. They also learnt the flag and located their country on the European map.


It was a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed by staff and children. 

Europe 1 Europe 5 Europe 7 Europe 9 Europe 11 Europe 12 Europe 14

Europe 13 ok Europe 10 ok Europe 8 ok Europe 6 ok Europe 4 ok Europe 3 ok