School Council







12.10.16 – The School Council had another productive meeting today. Here are some of the things they have been busy doing…

  • They have made posters to remind children to flush the toilets after using them.
  • They have moved benches to try and discourage people from running in the quiet zone.
  • They have spoken to the whole school about how to use the friendship bench.
  • They have got the boys changing room back in working order.
  • They have checked the playground rota is fair and shared it with the whole school.
  • They have suggested ideas for clubs after Christmas.

They have also talked about why they wanted to be on the School Council. Here are their thoughts…

  • I have lots of great ideas and I think it is important to protect animals, bugs and our environment.
  • I want to help the school and make sure people listen to each other’s ideas!
  • I want people to be kind to each other.
  • I want people to be responsible and considerate.
  • I want everyone to have fun at school.
  • I want both boys and girls to enjoy school.
  • I want to raise money for charities.
  • I want to share some great ideas from my class!
  • I want the whole school to work together as a team.
  • I want to help people follow the rules at school.

20.09.16 – Please click on the link below for details of our first meeting of the year.

School Council Meeting – 20th September 2016