Wren Class (EYFS)

Wren Class Teacher: Mrs de Villiers

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Curtis, Mrs Diamond

Wren Class – Annual Overview 2017 – 2018

Wren Class – ‘Roots, Shoots & Welly Boots’ – Summer 1 2018

Visit from Gillingham Firefighters – Friday 15th June 2018

Wrens recently had a visit from the Gillingham firefighters. The children loved finding out all about the fire engine and climbing up inside to have a good look around. The firemen explained all about the jobs they have to do and showed the children the equipment they use – for cutting the roofs off cars; rescuing cats stuck up trees; putting out fires and even once rescuing a horse that had fallen into a swimming pool!
Wrens then spent time with the fire education officer who taught them how important smoke alarms are and how matches and lighters are for grown ups only. Everything he spoke about was very age appropriate and the children listened BRILLIANTLY! The children enjoyed making ‘fire engines’ with the large construction in the afternoon and playing at being firefighters. We’d like to say THANK YOU to the firefighters for giving up their time for us.

Book Buddy Reading Time  – Friday 4th May 2018

Wren Class and Heron Class (Year 6) are enjoying weekly Book Buddy Reading time and this week made the most of the sunny weather, with Year 6 children sharing books with our Reception children around the school grounds.

Wheels Afternoon – Thursday 22nd March 2018

This half term Wrens have been learning about ‘Wheels, Wings and Other Things’.

To complete our topic we had a ‘wheels afternoon’. The children could bring in any wheeled toy from home and we spent a lovely afternoon playing outside in the playground. Some of the children were keen to race whilst others preferred a more leisurely ride. Whatever they chose – they all had a great time.


Red Riding Hood in our Forest School – Thursday 1st February 2018

Wrens enjoyed using their new all-in-one suits today at forest school.
We have been learning about Red Riding Hood and we took a wolf out to forest school with us – don’t worry he didn’t eat any of us and he was quite small and cuddly!
The children worked hard in teams to build the wolf a new den in our ‘forest’ and we were relieved he managed to fit into all the dens the children made for him.
The children also enjoyed a game of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and seemed rather keen to be caught by the wolf!
It was great to be learning outside in the wintry sunshine.

Golden Time – Friday 26th January 2018

For our Friday ‘Golden Time’ we try to do something different and fun each week as a treat. This week we made slime!
It was very gooey and sticky at first and took some time to get the consistency just right!
The children loved helping to make it and I think it’ll be very popular for a good few days yet!

The Three Little Pigs – January 2018

Wrens have been learning about ‘The Three Little Pigs’ as part of their topic of ‘Once Upon a Time’. 
The children have been busy building houses that they hoped would strong enough to survive the wolf’s huffing and puffing. They all thought really hard about their designs and there was lots of discussion about needing a heavy house so it would be tricky to blow away!

So, once all our houses were built the children came up with the idea of how to test them against a wolf’s huffing and puffing. 
The children wondered about using a windmill to create wind but we talked about how the wind makes windmills work by blowing their sails rather than the windmill making any wind. The children tried really hard to think of something that makes wind rather than something that uses wind… It was tricky! 
Then one of the children suggested we ‘huff and puff’ like the wolf. Another suggested we use a fan… And at the same time a hairdryer was suggested. 
The testing was agreed! 
The children were keen to label the testing in levels of tricky-ness and used the language of ‘chilli challenges’ that we often use in our maths. 
They guessed the strength of each type of ‘wind’ to work out the weakest to strongest and labelled them as ‘chilli 1’ being us blowing; ‘chilli 2’ as the fan and ‘chilli 3’ as the hairdryer. 
Then the testing began!

Here are the results!: 
All the houses stayed firm despite all our huffing and puffing! 
The fan caused some chimneys to wobble. 
The hairdryer caused some of the houses to take off!

It was great fun and all the houses stayed intact despite some becoming airborne! 
Well done clever house builders!

Friday 12th January 2018 – Bubble Time!

Wren Class borrowed a fantastic bubble machine!
We all enjoyed chasing, popping and counting bubbles on Friday afternoon in the winter sunshine.
The children thought we’d made enough bubbles for everyone in Gillingham to enjoy!

Friday 5th January 2018 – Snow Time!

Wrens have given up waiting for snow to arrive in Dorset and are enjoying lots of pretend snow in the classroom! 

The children have been having lots of Christmassy fun! Mrs de Villiers sourced a small tree for the children to decorate as they pleased… It has been decorated hundreds of times! We have also been enjoying lots of Christmassy playdough fun… Today lots of the children made reindeers. Aren’t they gorgeous?

November 2017
Wren Class have been watching their baby stick insects grow over the past weeks. Today some of the children wanted to look at them more closely so we had lots of fun as they climbed over our hands and arms.

The children have been very interested in colours. They were keen to explore mixing colours and making new colours. 
So, they each chose two colours – one for each hand and did a handprint. Then they rubbed their hands together to see what would happen to the colours… And did a final handprint of the new colour.
It was lovely, messy learning.

Thursday 2nd November 2017 – Visit to Stourhead

We had a wonderful trip to Stourhead last week to see the Autumn colours. We had fun climbing in the laurel shrubs; scrunching through the leaves and finding all sorts of wonderful, colourful things to collect.

Thursday 19th October 2017 – Visit from Mere Down Falconry

The children loved having Mere Down Falconry to visit. One of the owls swooped around the hall above our heads causing great excitement.  The children asked some great questions!

Number Work

Wrens have been working really hard on recognising numbers. Orchard Park garden centre gave us some pebbles which Mrs de Villiers painted with numbers – the children have loved having treasure hunts with them and it’s brought about a LOT of number talk!

Outside Learning

Wren class have lots of fun in their outside learning space.
Trains and train tracks have been a favourite activity over the past few weeks.