Kingfisher Class (Year 3)

Kingfisher Class Teacher: Miss Murphy

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Yeates

Kingfisher Class – Annual Overview 2016 – 2017

Kingfisher Class – Summer Term 2 Overview 2016 – 2017

Visit to the Hawk Conservancy – Tuesday 20th June 2017

Kingfisher Class had a fantastic trip to the Hawk Conservancy this week. Our main class topic is birds, so this trip taught us much more about different birds of prey species. When we arrive at the Trust, one of the rangers, Gary, gave us a welcome talk and was so impressed with how much the children already knew.

We enjoyed two amazing bird displays, where we got to see many beautiful birds up close and some even flew low over our heads (we were very good at ducking!)

We enjoyed looking around all the different aviaries and learning interesting facts about each of the birds.

Many members of the public and staff from the trust commented on how well behaved the children were and how sensible they were walking around the grounds. Well done Kingfisher Class, we are really proud of you.

Dogs Trust Visit – Monday 5th June 2017

Today we were visited by Mrs Brown, an Education Officer from the Dogs Trust.  She brought ‘Buster’ with her, a life-sized cuddly toy dog!  She talked to us about us about dog awareness and how to behave around dogs to keep us safe.


World Book Day – 2nd March 2017

We had a lovely day on World Book Day, studying the book ‘Croc and Bird’ by Alexis Deacon.  Please click HERE to see our class photos and read more about the day!

Looking at Fossils – 24th February 2017

In Science, Kingfisher Class have been examining fossils under the microscope.  We were amazed at how different they look at high magnification!

Levels in PE – 13th January 2017

In PE, Kingfisher Class have been experimenting with travelling at different levels.  This week we have been focusing on low level travelling.  First we did this using PE mats and lots of open space.  Then we moved on to adding in pieces of apparatus.  The children were challenged to finding the most inventive way to travel in, around and through the apparatus.


Christmas Photo Frame – 8th December 2016

For their Design and Technology this term, Kingfisher Class have been set the challenge of  making a stable structure.  This has been a Christmas themed photo frame which had to stand up in a stable way.  The children looked at some of Miss Murphy’s frames before deciding which was their favourite and why.  After this, they experimented with different ways to strengthen a piece of paper.   Finally, they made their frame using paper, card and tape.  Here are some of the finished articles!

Gem Jar Treat – 18th November 2016

Kingfisher Class enjoyed their gem jar treat this week.  They chose the reward of a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  Throughout the morning they made pizza puff faces, little cakes, completed a teddy passport and experimented with different faces they could make out of vegetables!

During the afternoon, they played ‘Pin the Nose on the Teddy’ and enjoyed their picnic food whilst sat on picnic rugs with their friends.  Well done Kingfisher Class!


Victorian Games – 1st November 2016

The children experimented with writing using ink pens and pots and also had the chance to play a range of different Victorian games such as marbles, cup and ball, flick books, skipping ropes and upside down books.  They had a great time, but most decided that life as a Victorian child would have been tough! They were very grateful to go our lovely school instead because there are many more rewards and fun lessons!


Priest House Museum Trip – 10th October 2016

Kingfisher Class had a great trip to the Priest House Museum this week.  The whole class (including the teachers!) went dressed as Victorians and had the most wonderful outfits.  Throughout the day, the children did 4 different activities: Washday experience, cooking, parlour games and toy handling. 

By the end of the day, most of the children decided that they wouldn’t have wanted to be a child in the Victorian times – it was very hard work! A great time was had by everyone!



No Pens Day Wednesday – 5th October 2016

Here are some photos from No Pens Day Wednesday in Year Three!

In Maths, the children have been practising adding up 2 amounts of money.  They made both amounts, combined the coins and counted them up. 

In PE today, they have doing lots of different balances and during Art, they went on a walk around the field to find different colours and patterns linked to nature.  In groups, they collected different materials and made a group collage when they got back into the classroom.  All of the children had a super time on No Pens Wednesday.

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Letters from The Queen and Allan Ahlberg!

In the summer term, Kingfisher Class sent formal letters to Allan Ahlberg, to tell him which of his books was their favourite and which they would recommend to their friends.  The children enjoyed sharing a range of his different stories throughout the week before writing the letters.  In his reply, he told them all about how long his books take to write and how he just uses a lined notebook from WHSmith to record all of his ideas! He kindly sent us a book too, as a gift.

Just before the Queen’s 90th birthday, Kingfisher class were busy making the Queen a special handmade birthday card.  Many of the children wrote a message to the Queen to wish her a special day.  We couldn’t believe it when we got a letter today (15/09/16) from her Lady-in-Waiting to thank us all for the beautiful colourful card! We were so excited to receive this letter and have put it up on our news board if you would like to come and read it.

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