Woodpecker Class (Year 4)

Woodpecker Class Teacher: Mr Moldram
Woodpecker Class Cover Teacher:  Miss Jemimah Lentle

Teaching Assistant: Miss Dalwood

Woodpecker Class – Annual Overview 2017 – 2018

Woodpecker Class – Summer Term Overview 2018

Friday 4th May 2018 – African Art

Year 4 have been studying African Art, specifically Gakonga. They learnt all about the artist and what inspires his art work, namely his homeland of Kenya and a love of dance. Every painting he created had its own rhythm and Woodpeckers used this initiative to create their own. They thoroughly enjoyed creating their masterpieces, and using different water colour paints. 

Here are a few.

Friday 20th April 2018 – Maths in the Forest School!
During our first week back after Easter, Woodpeckers had the opportunity to go out into our Forest School for Maths. We were recapping quadrilaterals. We were able to use sticks to make various shapes including squares, a rhombus and kites. We also needed to think about parallel lines and looked at various parallelograms to do this. We found lots of different angles, including obtuse and acute. 
The children said, “It was a fun lesson, and we really enjoyed working in our Forest School. We hope we can go out there again soon.”