Heron Class (Year 6)

Heron Class Teachers: Mrs Simpson, Mrs Shanks 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Chinnock

One to One Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bruce, Miss Purse

Heron Class – Summer Term Overview 2016 – 2017

Heron Class – Annual Overview 2016 – 2017

Shakespeare Rocks!  Wednesday 12th July 2017

Heron Class recently entertained both their parents, staff and fellow school pupils with their wonderful end of year production, Shakespeare Rocks!  Aubrey, the Rough Shakespeare Company’s director, obtains what appears to be William Shakespeare’s long lost diary. Alongside Al, his down to earth assistant, the pair decide to embark on an exclusive adaption of the Bard’s personal journal.

Year 6 worked incredibly hard on all aspects of their production – from making props to stage direction, lighting and sound. All the pupils worked brilliantly as a team, and their friendship, camaraderie, and enjoyment shone through each performance.  A special mention should go to Romeo and Juliet for their duet, but the whole cast performed all the modern songs with energy and smiles. Each audience thoroughly enjoyed this fresh, funny and contemporary look at the life and times of William Shakespeare. It will be hard to forget the men-dressed-as-women! Not only does Shakespeare Rock, but Herons Rock too!


Heron Class’s Storyteller Chair

Heron Class’ project of transforming the courtyard area is beginning to take shape. The children have had some wonderful ideas and have been writing to local businesses for support. We are over the moon with our wonderful giant’s story-telling chair – a fantastic bespoke design by
J & S Carpentry. This  beautiful chair has been made especially for us and provides a focal point to our courtyard reading area as well as helping to create another great outdoor space for children’s learning. Thank you so much to J & S Carpentry from everyone here at Wyke Primary School.
(Facebook J&S Carpentry)


Herons Have a Debate – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

The issue of whether ‘Fidget Spinners’ should be allowed at school was hotly debated by Heron Class!  Both sides put across convincing arguments.

The Big Sing – Friday 3rd March 2017

Herons enjoyed their singing workshop and were complimented on their exemplary behaviour and fantastic learning – well done Year 6. For our maths we had great fun attempting some long but very quick mental calculations sang by various celebrities such as JLS, 1D and others.  We’re pleased to say Herons’ accuracy was much better than that of Chris Moyles on the clips!!!

World Book Day – 2nd March 2017

Heron Class looked stunning in their wonderful costumes. We had characters from Jacqueline Wilson stories and a marvellous alien from “Aliens Love Underpants”. The children had a surprise teacher for the day, as Gangsta Granny took a break from plotting to steal the crown jewels!! Well done to all the children (and their parents) for a great range of book characters! Herons focused their learning on using the book “Croc and Bird” as a scaffold for their own picture books, with year 1 Robins as their target audience. The children developed story boards which then correlated to their published books. In the afternoon Herons and Robins enjoyed sharing their lovely stories.
Photos will follow soon!

Greek Day and Science Day – November 2016

Here are some photos of our Greek Day and our Science Day!

greek-day science-day

No Pens Day Wednesday – 5th October 2016

Wednesday 5th October was No Pens Day Wednesday and Year 6 have joined the rest of the school in a fun-filled day of learning activities which focused on speaking and listening skills.

We worked in pairs to solve number puzzles, using both mathematical resources or everyday objects to represent numbers.

We also held a Poetry Slam which was great fun! Mrs Shanks was very proud of everyone for their effort, enthusiasm and performances. Everyone who took part did exceptionally well and were treated to sweets as a result!

In the afternoon we enjoyed a creative thinking challenge – using clay to respond to different challenges such as designing a new fruit, and describing its taste and texture, modelling clues for different nursery rhymes and creating fun pencil toppers.











Having fun with circuits!

Heron Class are learning about electrical circuits in Science this term. Having spent some time investigating circuits in the classroom, and becoming familiar with circuit diagram symbols, we decided to make a human circuit, demonstrating  how the circuit must be complete for a bulb or buzzer to work, and how a switch breaks the circuit. We had great fun! We extended our understanding further by becoming engineers – once back in the classroom we looked closely at circuit diagrams to predict whether or not the drawn circuit would work, and then built and tested each circuit to see if we were right.

y6-1 y6-2 y6-4 y6-3











Inspirational Maths!

Heron Class enjoyed a Week of Inspirational Maths during their first week back, enabling them to link their understanding of growth mindsets and the learning pit specifically to a growth mindset approach to Maths. The children learned about the importance of deeply understanding something (as opposed to being speedy!) and investigated patterns in number and shape. Many children were particularly inspired by their investigation of Pascal’s Triangle. All the children in Year 6 demonstrated a mature and thoughtful approach to each investigation and were a credit to themselves and the school. An excellent start Herons!