Heron Class (Year 6)

Heron Class Teachers: Mrs Simpson, Mrs Shanks 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hall

Heron Class – Summer Term Overview 2018

Friday 4th May 2018 – Book Buddy Reading Time 

Herons and Wrens are enjoying weekly Book Buddy Reading time and this week made the most of the sunny weather, with year 6 children sharing books with our Reception children around the school grounds.

Friday 23rd February 2018 – Light, periscopes and mirrors!

Year 6 completed their Science topic on light by making and investigating periscopes. This was challenging but lots of fun, involved team work and consolidated their understanding of how light travels and can be reflected. The mirrors in the periscope reflect light to enable you to be able to see objects around corners. Well done Year 6.

Friday 5th January 2018 – Growth Mindset

Year 6 have been talking about the differences between growth and fixed mindsets at the beginning of this new year.  We all love this inspirational message from Ruby:

If you fall, pick yourself up,

If you make a mistake, try again,

If you try, try harder,

If you are good, get better,

If you think you can do it, KNOW you can do it.”

Thank you Ruby!

Friday 15th December 2017 – excellent Sumdog achievement!

Heron class entered the most recent Sumdog national Maths competition and did brilliantly! As a class they came 31st out of  1695 classes who competed nationally. An excellent achievement. Well done Herons!

Friday 15th December 2017 – Dance Off!

Herons are holding a Wake and Shake Dance Off (girls v boys – their choice!) to end the term. As always it’s lovely to see so many smiling faces and giggles, and everyone working together to score points!

Let’s see what the finals bring!!

Evolution and Inheritance – Friday 1st December 2017

Herons have been learning about evolution and inheritance in Science this term. Today we “recreated” Darwin’s observations about the finches he discovered in the Galapagos Islands. We used different “beaks” (such as tweezers, chopsticks, rocks) to find out which type was best suited to different “foods” (pipe cleaner worms, porridge oat bird seed, playdough bugs)! The children had great fun and were able to explain at the end of the lesson how Darwin concluded that the finches’ beaks had adapted to their environment and their food supply over time.

No Pens Day Wednesday – 4th October 2017

On Wednesday 4th October the whole school celebrated No Pens Day Wednesday – we focused on other ways to communicate our learning without picking up a pen or pencil ALL day! Heron Class extended their prior learning in Year 4 on Roman Numerals by making and comparing larger numbers using sticks! Herons also held a highly entertaining Poetry Slam – a competition where children performed either their own poems or ones they had learnt by heart. The children were brilliant and we all very much enjoyed ourselves. Congratulations to our overall winners.


Heron Class have had a great start to the year, learning about how a growth mindset is essential to effective learning. We began the year with a Week of Inspirational Maths, learning how mistakes grow our brains and how deeply understanding is more more important than quickly seeing solutions.

In Science we have been furthering our understanding of Electricity, building on our learning from Year 4. this week we chose our own investigation focus and worked in groups to undertake a complete scientific enquiry.