Heron Class (Year 6)

Heron Class Teachers: Mrs Simpson, Mrs Shanks 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hall

Heron Class – Autumn Term Overview 2017 – 2018

No Pens Day Wednesday – 4th October 2017

On Wednesday 4th October the whole school celebrated No Pens Day Wednesday – we focused on other ways to communicate our learning without picking up a pen or pencil ALL day! Heron Class extended their prior learning in Year 4 on Roman Numerals by making and comparing larger numbers using sticks! Herons also held a highly entertaining Poetry Slam – a competition where children performed either their own poems or ones they had learnt by heart. The children were brilliant and we all very much enjoyed ourselves. Congratulations to our overall winners.


Heron Class have had a great start to the year, learning about how a growth mindset is essential to effective learning. We began the year with a Week of Inspirational Maths, learning how mistakes grow our brains and how deeply understanding is more more important than quickly seeing solutions.

In Science we have been furthering our understanding of Electricity, building on our learning from Year 4. this week we chose our own investigation focus and worked in groups to undertake a complete scientific enquiry.