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Wren Class

Wren Class Teacher: Mrs de Villiers
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Curtis, Mrs Yeates, Mrs Jones
EYFS Apprentice: Miss Pollard

Wren Class – Annual Overview 2018-2019

Wren Class – Spring 1 Overview 2019

Chinese New Year – and a Dragon’s Egg!  February 2019

This week in Wrens we have been learning about Chinese New Year. Our Forest School session had a dragon theme to fit in with this.

When we returned to the class after lunch we found a very sad dragon in our classroom. She was sad because the cat from the Chinese New Year story had stolen her beautiful egg. She needed our help to get her egg back.

First of all the children had to build a nest. The nest needed to be the right size to fit the Dragon and an egg. The nest needed to be strong around the sides but soft in the middle to keep the egg safe.

The children worked as a team collecting sticks for the edges and moss leaves and grass for the middle.

The Dragon then told us that the naughty cat felt sorry for stealing the egg and had returned it to Forest School. But, the cat was scared of the Dragon and so had not brought the egg very close – it was therefore up to the children to find the egg. We talked about what a dragons egg might look like and the children decided it would be big and green and scaly. Some of the children also thought it might have a little bit of gold on it.

The children got very busy hunting for the egg. Maisie found it!

Amazingly, the egg was big and green and scaly and even had a little bit of gold on it!

We all took turns to feel the egg – it was hard and cold. We placed the egg into the nest with the Dragon.

The children then went off to enjoy a few minutes of exploration and in that time some of the children were still very interested in the egg. Lots of the children thought they could hear something inside and others thought they could feel movement!

We then left the Dragon in her new nest with her egg and thought she would probably return to China.  Here are some photos of us.